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Starter Guide for Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise
by Sean D. Liming and John R. Malin

Covers all the basic functions of System Image Manager (SIM) for use with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and other Windows 10 desktop versions


Professional's Guide to POS for .NET
by Sean D. Liming

Covers the details of the POS for .NET V1.12 SDK. Also, good for POS for .NET v1.14.



Professional's Guide To Windows® Embedded Standard 7 - 2nd Edition
by Sean D. Liming

The complete guide to learn WES 7 from the ground-up! 2nd Edition coming in September


Eclipse Starter Guide for AP® Computer Science by Sean D. Liming and John R. Malin

Step-by-Step for students and first time developer.


Available on Kindle

Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit
by Sean D. Liming

Follow on to Windows XP Embedded Advanced covering new features and introducing new tools for SP2.


The PC Handbook
by John P. Choisser and John O. Foster

The PC Handbook has been a must-have for anyone developing with the PC, and it is now available on the Kindle.


Real-Time Development from Theory to Practice Featuring TenAsys® INtime®
by John R. Malin and Sean D. Liming

Learn the basics of Real-Time development with this in depth hands-on guide



Professional's Guide To Windows® Embedded 8 Standard
by Sean D. Liming

The complete guide to learn WE8S from the ground-up




UWF Utility

Free GUI Utility for Unified Write Filter (UWF)


Shell Launcher Utilities

Free GUI and command line Utilities for Shell Launcher



Add firewall protection to USB ports. Blocks unauthorized USB devices from connecting to a Windows system


SJJ Shell

Configurable shell for use with Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows® Embedded Standard 7 and Windows® XP Embedded (WES2009)


Current News and Events

March 3, 2018 - Free GUI and Command Line Utilities for Shell Launcher Released

Two utilities to assist with setup and management of Shell Launcher

Devember 28, 2017 - New Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 and Windows 10 IoT Core 1709 (16299.x) Example Driver Kits and BSPs for UP Board and UP2 Board

Example driver sets for integration into Windows IoT operating systems

November 27, 2017 - New Windows 10 IoT Core 1709 (16299.x) 64-bit BSP for GigaByte BRIX i3-5010 Update 2.0

Package includes the core device drivers for Video, Audio, WiFi, and Chipset for Windows 10 IoT Core 1709 (16299.x).

October 5, 2017 - The printed edition for Starter Guide for Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise is now available

Book can be ordered at

August 20, 2017 - UWFUtility - Free GUI Utility for Unified Write Filter Released

UWFUtility provides basic status and some functionality to interact with the UWF.

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Latest Articles and Videos

May 2018 - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (14393): Turn Off Windows Update and Managing Updates

January 2018 - Sparkfun ADXL345 I2C Interface to the Minnowboard Max/Turbot/Dual Ethernet

January 2018 - Embedded/IoT OEMs and Windows as a Service (WaaS)

January 2018 - Industrial PC Requirements to Access GPIO/I2C/SPI/UART from Windows 10 UWP Applications

November 2017 - Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro Running on Intel® Architecture Platforms - One Year Later!