Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise & Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro


Windows® 10 IoT Core Retail Build with Code Signing Certificate - March 2019

The article goes through the steps to setup the code signing certificate to build Windows 10 IoT Core Retail image.


DISM + FFU Capture and Restore an Image - February 2019

In the past, OEMs had to use 3rd party tools to capture disk images. With the release of Windows 10 Build 1809, version 17763, a new solution to capture .FFU files using DISM is now available. This article walks through the steps to perform a disk capture and restore using DISM and .FFU files.


Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – First Look for Device Manufacturers

Microsoft has released the new long-term service version of Windows 10. The article takes a first look at the changes to consider to migrate from version 14393 to version 17763.


Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise: Multi-Project / Multi-Platform Support in SIM - July 2018

Article looks at a solution for supporting multiple projects under the $OEM$ Folders in a System Image Manager Distribution Share.


Windows® 10 IoT Core: to VM or not to VM? - July 2018

'Can IoT Core run in a Virtual Machine?' is a question that has come up a few times in the forum. The article explores what is and what is not possible.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (14393): Turn Off Windows Update and Managing Updates - May 2018

Controlling how a system gets updated is an important part of the product life cycle. Poor planning can hit the bottom line. Article looks a solution to turn off Windows Update and how to get the operating system update files to manually update a system in the field.


Sparkfun ADXL345 I2C Interface to the Minnowboard Max/Turbot/Dual Ethernet - January 2018

The Sparkfun ADXL345 Triple Axis Accelerometer supports SPI and I2C connections. The article looks at how to connect to the Minnowboard Max/Turbot/Dual Ethernet via I2C.


Embedded/IoT OEMs and Windows as a Service (WaaS) Rev. 1.2 - January 2019

Some clients have asked about using the Windows 10 Enterprise non-LTSB releases. Article looks at the changes to the servicing and discusses why Embedded/IoT OEM device manufacturers should continue to stick with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB / LTSC.


Industrial PC Requirements to Access GPIO/I2C/SPI/UART from Windows 10 UWP Applications - January 2018

Provides background and a check list to help investigate what is required for UWP Applications to access GPIO, SPI, I2C and UART on Industrial PC platforms.


Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro Running on Intel® Architecture Platforms - One Year Later! - November 2017

After two updates, several improvements have opened the door for running Windows 10 IoT Core on different Intel Architecture platforms.


Windows® 10 IoT Core Native Remote Debugging - November 2016

The article looks at how to add remote debugging support for native C/C++ application development.


Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro Boot Media and Sudden Power Loss Review - October 2016

Protecting a system from sudden power loss and preserving flash drives has been an important topic for Windows Embedded. Even though Windows IoT Core is a smaller version of Windows, the same attention to power loss and flash drive protection is also required. The article presents our test results for boot time and power loss for different flash media.


Windows® 10 IoT Core Pro Running on Intel® Architecture Platforms - October 2016

The article first looks at the firmware requirements and tools to see if Windows 10 IoT Core can be supported on a PC platform. The article then investigates the possibility of running IoT Core on Intel Core i-Series processors and the efforts to create device driver packages.


Starter Guide for Windows® System Image Manager: Addendum 1: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Build 10240 - November 2015

The addendum to the book covers Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and the changes from Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry. The addendum covers the product naming, changes to activation, new tools coming, changes to the Lockdown Features, code examples for customizing programmatic management of the Lockdown Features.


Windows® 10 IoT – The Big Reboot - July 2015

By Sean Liming and John R. Malin - Introduction to Windows 10 IoT and a transition roadmap from previous Windows Embedded editions.


Clonezilla Basics for Windows Embedded - August 2014

By Sean Liming and John R. Malin - Step-by-step processes for using Clonezilla to capture and deploy a master image that has been sysprep'd.

Note: The new DISM + .FFU files capture restore solution is a better replacement for CloneZilla. Please see article "DISM + FFU Capture and Restore an Image"


Custom Power Settings for WES 7/8 and WEI 8.x - May 2014

By Sean Liming and John R. Malin - A method to implement custom power systems in ICE and SIM